Mr. Private Mortgage provides custom financial solutions

By using private financing and by working with the banks.

Banks are good for standard products, but can not accommodate a family's hopes and dreams or an entrepreneurs vision.

We have been through all the market cycles and use time honoured parameters to structure a solution.





    If your deal does not fit into the standard criteria of your bank, we will find a solution.

    Have equity in your house, but have been turned down for a Line of Credit.

    Investors - Before going forward tell us your plan and we will create a plan to get there. Don't get stopped out after the first few properties.

    Student Rentals have great cash flow. We know the small number of institutions that will offer financing.

    Construction - Is it a renovation or construction project. Before starting make sure all your financing is in place. Running out of funds or having funding stopped is a difficult problem to fix. See us before you start. 

    CRA Debt Settlement; Have a Schedule 1 bank make your CRA payment and clear up your problems. 

    We will lay out your options.


  • Multi Family

    For buildings with six residential units and above.

    You may not get the appraissed value for today's market and will require a 2nd mortgage.

    To upgrade a run-down buliding, private financing will be what you need.

    These are just a couple of examples. Tell us your situation and we will find the solution.

  • Commercial Properties

    Industrial properties, office space, strip malls, hotels, alternative lifestyle trailer parks to raw land; we have seen it all.

    With the current tightening of the banks these properties more then ever require creative problem solving.

    Tell us your vision and we will work with you to generate a solution.

  • Construction Financing

    This includes large scale buildings and new additions to your home. These projects can take a mix of traditional institutional financing and topping up with private funds.

    It is often best to go private to avoid the bureaucracy of the banks.

    Let us show you the options.

  • Condo Corp Loans

    Condominium Corporations are increasingly finding their reserve funds are not adequate to cover major repairs.

    In the middle of an emergency when your condo built in the 70's has more issues then originally expected or the board needs to fix damage from severe weather, there are two options. Special Assesment or loan.

    Financial Institutions are starting to lend to condominiums. Even if you find such a lender the conditions are still daunting.

    See how we have streamlined the process.

  • CHIP is a reverse mortgage, which is described as a loan secured against the value of the home. It allows the homeowner to qualify for up to 55% of their home value and convert it into cash to pay off debt or renovate their home without having to move or sell.


    Income Advantage Program

    Income Advantage is a loan secured against the value of the home allowing the homeowner to qualify for up to 40% of their home value and convert it into cash without having to make payments.


    See if this program is right for you.

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Where do good people and good deals go to get financing when the banks cannot find a solution?

Mortgage Agents with access to private mortgages, know how to generate solutions for all types of properties.

Being problem solvers, we will evaluate your situation, choose the proper lender and tailor your solution for the particular lender. Financing will structured to position you for the optimum long term solution.

Our lenders use time tested lending criteria for evaluating your deal and will look at any type of property. They are capable of determining quickly your requirements and offering a commitment.

If your deal makes sense, we have funds and the expertise to get your deal financed.

Filling out this form is the beginning to solving your mortgage problem

We Choose Not To Ignore The Wisdom Of The Past

Privatate mortgages have existed since ancient times. A profession this old must have developed a reliable set of key parameters and methods to structure deals. In our opinion they did.

Then modern banking developed risk and portfolio management models. We think they still have a few bugs to work out.

Read our philosophy for lending.